Luis Manuel Garcia – Clubbing et Politique


« Luis-Manuel Garcia is a University Of Chicago-trained ethnomusicologist, who is currently an assistant professor in popular music at the University Of Groningen in the Netherlands. Put simply, his area of study is dance music and club culture, though his academic work touches on such topics as sexuality, emotion and migration. He’s turned a critical eye on aspects of this culture that pass most of us by as we rave through the night. It’s worth mentioning, though, that Garcia is an enormous fan of this music as well—if you’ve spent any time clubbing in Berlin, there’s a good chance he’s been dancing alongside you. He’s also involved in the La Mission collective, which has artists like Axel Boman and DeWalta on its label roster. Garcia has penned some of our most thought-provoking features, including last year’s alternative history of sexuality in club culture and a primer on the development of electronic music festivals, and we were keen to hear him discuss his work more generally, and to pick his brain about a range of big issues in dance music. »

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8 février 2018